Terms of service

The Tomski Design website (hereinafter: the "Website") is a website on the Internet that runs a virtual store for the public who surf the Internet in Israel. The site owner is Tomsky Industrial Design.


Website sales are managed by Tomski Design Industrial (hereinafter "Tomski Design").


Site action is any action of & ordering or purchasing products and / or services offered on the site.


Everyone who performs an action on the site declares that he is aware of the site's rules and the rules of participation in the site and receives them, and that he and / or anyone on his behalf will not have any claim and / or claim against the site owners and / or operators and / or Those on their behalf other than allegations related to the breach of the obligations of the site owners and / or its operators according to these rules and rules of participation.


 For more and additional inquiries, you can contact Tomski Industrial Design Service representatives by email at Tomski.Design@gmail.com or by phone at +972-52-4463070 Sunday-Thursday between 10:00-17:00.


Company office address:

Tomski Industrial Design

35 Ha-Topaz street Tel Mond, Israel


  1. The right to participate in sales conducted on the site

may participate in sales made on the website of Israeli residents aged 18 and over, who legally hold a valid Israeli credit card (local or international). Participation is conditional on registering on the site and providing complete, correct and accurate personal information, including name, ID number, address, telephone number and a valid e-mail address.


Tomski Design reserves the right to prevent access to sales and / or to cancel the participation of surfers whose behavior is inappropriate or not in accordance with the rules of participation, or who try to impair the proper management of sales on the site.


  1. Maintaining Data Privacy and Participant Privacy

The personal details on the order form are provided according to the customer's wishes and with his full consent. Filling in the details indicates the customer's consent to their delivery.

The purpose of providing personal information is to enable Tomski Design to provide the products and / or services to the customer and to learn from the customer about his finality regarding the purchase of the products and / Or the services. The customer's credit card information is also required to complete the transaction.


Tomski Design takes all available measures to protect the privacy of users and the confidentiality of data. The site is secured at the highest level and is protected against malicious or accidental hacking using advanced technology.


Tomski Design maintains a database registered under the Privacy Protection Act with the Registrar of Databases. This database, which is secured by the most advanced means, contains the details provided by the customer when making the purchase.

in no case does Tomski Design transmit data, personal information or e-mail addresses to third parties, without the express consent of the customer, in writing and in advance, except in cases Next:


a. The transaction details are transferred to the credit company for billing.

b. The name, address and telephone number of the buyers on the website are transferred to the shipping company for the purpose of delivering the products.


  1. Products and services offered for sale on the site

Tomski Design will offer for purchase on the Site products and / or services in models, types and quantities as it sees fit, at its sole discretion and discretion.


Tomski Design has the exclusive right to add and / or subtract products and / or services offered for purchase on the site and to determine the quantity of products and / or services offered for purchase, the method of purchase and price Purchase.


All products offered on the site are new, in their original packaging, without defect, unless otherwise stated in the sales title and / or product description.


The additions provided as an option in some of the products and / or services offered for purchase on the site are not included in the purchase offers and / or the sale amount relating to a regular sale and involve a full additional payment.


Tomski Design reserves the right, in its sole discretion, not to provide a particular product if the product is out of stock in the company. In this case, the company will notify the customer of the cancellation of the transaction, and / or offer him a replacement product.


  1. Information Provided About Products Sold

Tomski Design does its best to provide users of the site with most of the information required to make a decision about purchasing the product. In most cases, the details published on the website include the product image, the name of the manufacturer, the model, as complete a specification as possible, the dimensions and weight of the product, the warranty period for the product and the party giving the warranty. However, the images shown are for illustration purposes only. And do not require Tomski Design.


In case there is a difference between the written product details and the image published on the site (for example - regarding the color of the product), the written data is binding.


  1. Prices

The products participating in this site and their prices are valid for existing inventory only.

Tomski Design reserves the right to change product prices at any time without notice.

The price of the products on the site does not include transportation to the customer's home.


In case of discrepancy between the price and / or description of a product as it appears on the website, and its price and / or description, as it appears in the Tomski Design books, the price will be determined in the Tomski Design books. In this case, the consumer will be entitled to receive the full consideration paid for the product, if Tomski Design notifies in writing of the cancellation of the transaction before the product is delivered to him, or if he notifies Tomski Design of the cancellation of the transaction within 14 days from the date the product was provided. Company Bylaws.


The prices of the products on the company's website are in shekels and do not include VAT, unless otherwise stated.


  1. Normal site purchase Tomski Design

As part of a product purchase transaction, each operator will have to register on the site and fill out an order form, entering all the required details. The provision of the requested details is a condition for participation in the purchase of the products and / or services offered for sale on the website, but is not required by law.

The information entered into the site system will be used, among other things, to send e-mails regarding special promotions or updates on the site. If you do not wish to receive e-mail, please contact Tomski Design for your deletion from the said e-mail recipients database.

Website operation information and order details for the purchase of a product and / or service on the site, including operation details on the site, will be transmitted via an encrypted security protocol of the type SSL  to the Tomski Design data processing computer.

The purchase transaction will be realized only after Tomski Design receives approval from the credit card company to make the charge, in accordance with existing work practices between the companies.

If desired, each customer may collect the product purchased from Tomski Design himself, in which case the customer will not be charged a shipping fee. A customer who is interested in transporting to his home will pay a transport fee, as indicated separately in the order form.

  1. For deliveries by mail, the customer will receive a voucher for the mailbox with which to go to the post office and collect the package.


    Deliveries by mail are insured by the Israel Post and are limited to orders worth up to NIS 400.


    When collecting the product independently from a supplier's warehouse or Tomski Design's warehouse, the customer will need to present an ID card and credit card of the ordering party. A customer who independently collects the product, will be responsible for any damage of any kind, which will be caused to the product from the moment the product is transferred to his possession, including damage that was caused to the product during the transport of the product.

    Collection of products from Tomski Design is subject to existing stock and after order confirmation.


    Thus, a customer who changes his address to receive a product and / or prefers to take the product from the shipping company, the shipping company and the customer himself owe Tomski Design's approval.


    1. Warranty and Service

    All products offered for purchase under the site are brand new, in their original packaging and enjoy all the warranty and service accepted during the normal business of the commercial companies that import them and / or manufacture them and / or market them and / or provide them Warranty and service, unless otherwise stated.


    The sole responsibility for the products and / or services, their supply, quality, quality and durability and capability applies to the manufacturers and / or authorized resellers of the products purchased through the site and / or the company. The operators of the site declare that the contents of this section have been brought to their attention and that they will not have any claim against the owners of the site and / or the operators of the site and / or anyone on their behalf in this regard.


    Every operation on the site hereby declares that it is aware and agrees that the responsibility for assembling and / or installing products purchased on the site, which require installation and assembly, will apply to it and at its sole expense, and has no operation The action on the site Any claim and / or claim against Tomski Design and / or the operators of the site and / or the suppliers and marketers of the products in this matter as aforesaid. In addition, and without derogating from the above, any operation on the site will be responsible for its maintenance and / or upkeep and / or the service required for the product purchased on the site.


    1. Cancel Purchase

    a. Cancellation of purchase by customer before debiting the credit card and before sending the product to the customer:

    If a customer wishes to cancel their order before the credit card is charged, they can do so by telephone cancellation notice to Tomski Design customer service, or by customer service email, without any charge.


    b. Cancellation of purchase by the customer after debiting the credit card and before sending the product to the customer:

    If the customer wishes to cancel his order after his credit card has been charged and before sending the product to him, he can do so by telephone cancellation notice to Tomski Design customer service, or by sending an email. In this case his money will be refunded Through the credit card company. (Except in cases where it is a special order).


    c. Cancellation of purchase by the company before delivery of the product to the customer:

    It is hereby clarified to the customer that if he has not completed his order, and has not entered all the details required to make the charge and delivery (including credit card, social security number, address, etc.) within 24 hours from the date of ordering , The company will be entitled to cancel the order, at its sole discretion. (Except in cases where it is a special order).


    d. Cancellation of Special Order:

    Special order is an order of a product purchased abroad and imported by personal order to the customer.

    (Customer Service can be contacted by phone for additional products included in this section).

    Cancellation of this type of order involves a special cancellation fee of 30% of the transaction value and subject to the Company's decision.

    It should be emphasized that such cancellation will be both in writing and by telephone message to the company's customer service department.


    e. Cancellation after product delivery to customer


    If the customer wishes to cancel his order after the product has been shipped to him, he can do so by contacting Tomski Design customer service within 21 days of receiving the product. The customer must return the product closed and sealed to Tomski Design in its original packaging for all its parts.

    It should be emphasized that the costs of transport and insurance of the product in return are the sole responsibility of the customer and are not the responsibility of Tomski Design.

    In this case, the customer resides the value of his purchase, offsetting the cost of delivery from the transaction set (including transactions in which free shipping is provided). / p>


    If any damage is caused to the returned product that detracts from its value, Tomski Design will be entitled to claim the damage fee from the customer in addition to the cancellation fee and the above shipping fee. In this regard, the return of a proper product when its original packaging is damaged and / or torn, will be considered as damage to the product at an agreed rate of 25% of its price and the customer will be charged for it.

    It should be emphasized that Tomski Design has the sole discretion in determining the damage and its value.



    The customer must inspect the product immediately upon receipt. If the customer has received a defective product, or when the product specification differs from the specification published on the website, the customer may receive another / new product in its place, by contacting the Tomski Design customer service center.

    In the event that the cancellation is indeed justified for the above reasons, the customer will send the product to Tomski Design and the full transaction amount will be credited through the credit company.


    f.  Cancellation by Tomski Design and termination of site activity


    In any case where due to "force majeure" and third party dependent events, where Tomski Design is unable to manage the site as we have repaired and / or provide the products and / or meet any other obligation, Tomski Design may cancel The contract with the buyers, in whole or in part.


    In the event that factors and / or events beyond the control of the site owners and / or operators will delay and / or prevent the sale of the products and / or services, of any kind, in whole or in part, and in any way Which is, and / or the supply of the products and / or the provision of the services published on the website at the set dates, and / or will impair faults in the computer and / or telephone systems and / or any other communication factor in completing the purchase process, in one form or another, and / Or if due to hostilities and / or any other factor of force majeure prevents and / or impairs the process of purchasing the products and / or services in any way, and / or regular sale or supply of the products and / or services and / or if there are changes in tax rates And / or levies applicable to the products and / or services between the date of publication of the product and / or service for purchase and the delivery date planned according to the terms of purchase of the product and / or service, the site may cancel the contract with buyers, in whole or in part and / or terminate Site Activity.


    Tomski Design reserves the right to cancel or modify any operation at its sole discretion.


    1. Customer Service

    Tomski Design customer service is available to customers and customers using it.

    The service handles and assists with the use of the site, inquiries, questions, supply of products and complaints.


    The service is active in the following days and hours:


    Sunday-Thursday from 10:00 to 17:00 (Jerusalem Time)


    Service Phone Numbers: +972-52-4463070


    Email Inquiries

    When the service is inactive, you can contact the center by email  Tomski.design@gmail.com.


    Tomski Design reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions and these Terms of Participation from time to time.

    Only the rules published in the site regulations will be binding on the site operators.


    In the event of a dispute between the customer and Tomski Design, in any matter, including this or that service and / or product, for all that is involved and arising therefrom, the exclusive jurisdiction shall be in the courts "A only.


    13. Copyright

    a. No commercial use may be made of the data published in the database, the list of products appearing on it or other details published on it, without the prior written consent of the site management .

    b. Do not use any data published for the purpose of displaying on the site or any other service, without obtaining the prior written consent of the site management and subject to the terms of that consent (if given) .

    c. Name 'Tomski Design' As well as the domain name of the site, the trademarks (whether registered or not) are all the property of the company only. They may not be used without their prior written consent.

    d. All literal content, icons (ICONS) All information and / or display appearing on the site, including graphics, design, verbal presentation, trademarks, logos, including their editing and display on the site, are the sole property of the company and the company owners. 

    e. Site services should be used for legitimate purposes only