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We have all kinds of cool values

99% Natural

We at Tomski Design believe that you are what you eat, or with regards to our product, the materials we use is the product we sell. With this in mind our company uses natural and nature friendly products because that's what we want to give you. A natural feel connected to the nature of your home.

Part of The Family

We put a lot of thought into making products that are relatable and flexible. A piece that will grow as your family does and can be used and reused with the versatility you need.

Imagine with us

Our products aim to spark imagination and simplicity. We take minimalistic objects and reframe them to create new and exciting products. We believe it does not take complexity to bring imagination to life.

Find The Kid In You

A fine line runs between the child and the grown-up, between the simple and the complex, the silly and the serious. We at Tomski Design do not choose a side and stay on the line - as long as it is useful and entertaining: Tomski Design - a safari of wall hangings full of character, inspired by the animal kingdom, from natural materials.

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